About Kidfolk

Kidfolk design and make cool stuff for kids. There's nothing we love more than creating designs that last. But we also consider the impact of our products for this is the world our kids inherit.

Who are we?

We’re bigfolk who love seeing the world through the eyes of kids. Perhaps a little too much. But is that such a bad thing? Too late now… After many years in the rag trade, we’re applying our design and production experience to play with ideas. Oh, and for what it’s worth, we’re based in sunny Melbourne, Australia.

Our designs

Like the kids who inspire our wonder, we explore a world that quickly changes and evolves. We’re inspired by patterns, nature and bold colours, and our shapes are playful and comfortable. We don’t create big ranges that are carefully planned seasons ahead. Rather, we create continuously to bring inspirations to life as soon as we can. We love designs that tell stories.

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